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Trausoft Inc. was founded in 1989 in St. Louis Missouri. We started as a small System 38/36 development and systems support shop. When the AS/400 was introduced, we were there. It was added to our portfolio, and we soon became an IBM Business Partner. Selling AS/400 systems and peripherals. With the growing use of CASE tools being evident, we chose Synon 2E and trained ourselves in it. Needing a PC-based CASE tool, we looked into Genexus for awhile, but when Synon's Obsydian (now Advantage:Plex) came out, we dropped Genexus and adopted Obsydian as our core development tool. Being one of the first license holders (November 1994). We followed the tool's growth, ownership, and of course, name. We were involved in many of the alpha and beta programs of the different releases and variants. They are  now known as Advantage:2E and Advantage:Plex, under the ownership of Computer Associates (CA).  The focus changed to providing eBusiness solutions, and general website design and support. In June 2001 Trausoft teamed up with CA as their first Advantage:Plex/2E Consulting Partner, and worked closely with them offering consulting services and pre-sales support. Our latest expertise includes CA's CleverPath Portal. We use this portal ourselves to help run our projects, giving our clients up to date information on their project's status.